12 February 2009

Box shared Flash files stats

Free online storage and collaboration web service Box.net has introduced some changes recently. I'm their user and Flanture Flash files are affected. One of changes is e-mail notification system which informs you when someone downloads any of your file from reserved storage.

Take a look at download statistics for some of the files. My custom search array functions are way ahead of other files with over 1160 downloads. That's big number right there, at least for me. Thanks all for downloading and I hope they are useful to you :) Second place is Flash Bookshelf Widget.

Flanture free flash files stats
Not all of Flanture free flash files are hosted with Box. Even in same category, like flash clocks, some are hosted at mediafire and some at 4shared. I decided to combine all Flanture free Flash analog clocks in single zip and upload it to Box.net for easy access. Download them below:

All Flash clocks (43.7 kb).

More free stuff soon. Stay alert.



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