21 January 2009

Smooth ActionScript Transition

If you follow my updates via Twitter, you probably already know about my decision to finally seriously start with ActionScript 3.0, something I have tried to avoid for a very loong time. In the end I couldn't ignore it any more and I realized that transition doesn't have to be rough with right tools.

First of all I have convinced myself that AS3.0 is completely new language, it's version number doesn't have anything to do with previous versions (besides creators) and I should start from scratch. Fact that I'm not so good at AS2.0 nether can only help :)

I'm starting with two books, first one I already wrote about is Learning ActionScript 3.0 : A Beginner's Guide, check my review.

Second book is The ActionScript 3.0 Migration Guide: Making the Move from ActionScript 2.0 and I'm not sure if latter one will help me or bother me on my way.

Since I have some experience with Java I found AS3.0 much more like it and some new language features are just like those in Java. Actually, I think AS3.0 is closer to Java than to AS2.0! (and I don't mean classes but OOP features). I read about Event Propagation, bubbling and Events in general and it's very easy to understand - for now. I must say I'm more excited about learning AS3.0 than I was when started with AS2.0. Wish me luck.


Shane said...

Good luck dude...you will find that it is very easy to learn and you will wonder why you took so long to get around to it in the first place!

flanture said...

thanks, I hope you're right

Rasheed said...

Good luck man. AS3, in one word, is AWESOME! I've been working with some friends getting them up to speed and they're loving the transition. Personally I'd recommend "Essential ActionScript 3.0" by Colin Moock - http://tinyurl.com/258swz. This book is a bible of sorts for AS3 development IMHO.


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