26 January 2009

Long journey ahead

I'm just at beginning of this as3.0 journey and already I can see it will be long one. I got the sense language is huge, not only because of many build-in classes and new language features but also because implementation of future acquired knowledge will be hard as hell. AS3.0 with it's object oriented programming features is more suitable for larger projects and teams of programmers and might be holdback for single freelance developers, while procedural style sometimes is not enough.

Events and event listeners are already familiar to me, but I haven't used them a lot. They scared me a little bit and I tried to avoid them in earlier projects. However, after diving in and trying to understand what's the fuss all about I realized they are far more flexible and easy to grasp with than I previously believed. Point is to practice in writing them and after a while they come as something very natural.

Since I have some experience with DOM, jQuery and stuff like that concept of Event Propagation was already familiar to me and I find Display List easy to understand, but also addChild() is my new favorite method.

Oh, right, frame rate can be change during runtime - very cool!

As for OOP features, inheritance is simple, composition is OK and encapsulation is something to work on but can be mastered, but polymorphism is much harder, at least for me. I guess this is also question of prectise and writing code. I'm in a process of collecting links to as3.0 tutorial blogs, so drop me a line if you know any good or you are author of one.



adampasz said...

Hi Flanture,

Don't worry, there's nothing about OOP that makes it more difficult for individual developers than big groups. When you are starting something new, sometimes it is easier to do some prototoyping procedurally first.

Here's a post a while back to try to help people bridge the gap from procedural to OOP: http://www.pasz.com/blog/2005/08/coding-style-getting-into-javascript.html

Also, don't feel that you have to compulsively use tons of inheritance, polymorphism, etc. when you're just starting out. They can actually get you into trouble. Inheritance, in particular is best used sparingly, especially when you're still learning (in many cases it is better to use Composition instead).

When you're ready, I highly recommend reading Head First Design Patterns...


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