21 December 2008

No new plans for 2009

Last year, total number of posts on this blog was 69 and this post is number 74 in 2008, which means five posts more. I hope next 2009 will be richer, with at least 80!

I have managed to accomplished some goals in 2008, some not, but I have continued to learn during entire year, didn't stop and my enthusiasm about Flash Platform has only increased.

No new plans for 2009, but I would certainly like to write more tutorials like I did in last two months - check them out:

- Flash Rain Effect
- Making Zoom Tool with Masking
- Tiled Flash Backgrounds (part I)
- Tiled Flash Backgrounds (part II)

In new year I will definitely change blog layout. This one is here for a looong time now and I really need something fresh and more appealing. I'll start right away with this new RSS feed icon:

RSS feed icon

I will also try to do more freelance work.




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