06 November 2008

Flash Development Tools

One of the ways to start writing Flash Player 10 targeted ActionScript code is to use FDT (Flash Development Tools) IDE. Required version is 3.1 and another requirement along side FDT is Flex SDK 4.

To get started right away you can choose to download standalone FDT installation for Windows or Mac, which is about 298 Mb (296 Mb). Installation is simple and fast. Don't forget that this download is only one option since FTD is actually Eclipse plug-in.

FDT installation screen
After successful installation welcome screen offers four chapters: overview - get an overview of the features including FDT help, FDT cheatsheets and FDT features. Other chapters are What's new section, Tutorials and Workbench. Simple help tutorials will lead you to creation of first AS2.0 or AS3.0 projects in minutes.

One of the first places to visit for some FDT tips and tricks is FlashMech's blog.


flanture said...

p.s. don't forget to include MTASC executable into your PATH variable (something I forgot to do)


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