12 November 2008

Building Applications for AIR

Just when I thought that single empty space on my Adobe bookshelf will remain empty for eternity, I came across Beginning Adobe AIR book, building applications for Adobe Integrated Runtime by Rich Tretola.

Book is about 300 pages organized in four sections: getting started, adding data, AIR APIs and AIR components. First section gives introduction to Adobe Integrated Runtime and explains AIR installation. There is good chapter about RIA and desktop applications, some words about Flex, XUL, JavaFX etc. You can read about AIR development process and tools like SDK, Flex Builder 3, Flash CS3 and Dreamweaver CS3. Last two chapters in first section are about building first AIR application and packaging the AIR. AIR configuration file is explained in details together with packaging using different tools.
Adobe AIR book
Adding data section is all about how to connect and retrieve data with AMF remoting, XML and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) but also using web services like SOAP and WSDL.

How to access the file system using AIR API, how to create windows, how to interact with operating system are thing you can read about in third section of the book. My favorite chapter in this section is about SQLite database. Since I'm already familiar to some extend with SQL syntax I find this AIR feature really awesome and right choice of Adobe developers. It's refreshing to see that creating SQLite database it exactly the same as creating new text file with AIR but with db extension instead of txt. Simple and great. Oh, yeah, don't forget freeware SQLite Database Browser available at sourceforge.

Last section of this interesting book is about AIR components, file system components and HTML component. You can jump start with the code from this book (28Mb) available at publishers pages. Here is the direct download link.

Enjoy - I know I am...



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