23 October 2008

Old / new tools

Exactly one month ago I asked question via twitter, but didn't get any answers, so I had to search for myself. Best combination I found is Xmi2as + argoUML.

Xmi2as is created by Darron Schall primary for actionscript2.0 since creation date is back in 2005, and I couldn't find any updates after (project is hosted on OSFlash). Source code is available, written in java and windows and mac osx install files. Don't have a clue if someone has extended this project to work with actionscript3.0 which seems to be possible.

argoUML has been improved since 2005 and current stable version is 0.26. Simple windows installer is available. Also, you can download argoUML quick guide pdf 11 pages document and extended user manual, which is 400 pages pdf document. Simple example xmi file is available from SubVersion repository. Tested and works just fine.

example UML diagram


Anonymous said...

see senocular's posts on StarUML

flanture said...

you meant this tutorial? It seems like it's only as3 gen option and I'm interested in as2 as well. Also, mrsteel suggested this solution

KillerSpaz said...

Hey, I wanted to add your blog to my blog, but can't find a way to contact you... hit me up to lemme know if that's cool w/you:

gamerD00d at gmail dot com


flanture said...

KillerSpaz, feel free to link to my blog with anchor text 'Flash Adventure'. Please note that I don't do link exchange.

best wishes


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