19 October 2008

Free Flash Analog Clock : Classic Blue

free flash analog clock classic blue

First free flash clock I've made was the one you can see on left sidebar, analog clock worldmap, available from downloads page. It was few months ago, back in March. Since then few hundreds of people have downloaded worldmap clock, but I have no clue where they have finished.

In the meantime I had idea to jump into mass production and assemble few hundred flash clock with unique design. I got lazy and idea died, but not before I made about 30+ of them. I'm not gonna start with separate flash clocks website as I have planned (and maybe I will who knows), but good news is from time to time I'll give them away here at Flanture blog. Best way to stay informed about new releases is to subscribe via reader or email.

Here is another free flash analog clock, classic blue, for your website, blog sidebar or whatever. File is 7kb unzipped, resizable. If you have problems with downloading zip (it happened before), drop me a comment or contact via twitter and I'll send you the file.

Download Classic Blue Analog Flash Clock.

If you don't mind I would like to know where do you use it. Thanks.



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