09 October 2008

Cumulus, Blogumus and RUBLBS

It's not often the case to see Flash content on Blogspot blogs. Reasons are different from poor bloggers knowledge in how to include Flash content on Blogger to some SEOphils fears about bad relationship between Flash and search engine bots. However this new Flash widget, Blogumus is something that, it seems, makes a change in that direction.

Blogumus flash widget

Blogumus is Flash widget based on WP plugin Cumulus and it is created by BloggerBuster. Blogumus is a Flash based tag cloud that combines JavaScript code and Flash to create sphere-like Blogger labeler clickable display. Uf! It looks cool. Suddenly bloggers have their labels rotating in 3D space and that's just wow effect for some. But off course, many have included all 158 labels and everything visitors can see is rotating useless black letters ball. Those RUBLB's tell a wider story about balance of design and functionality or the luck of it!

I just say it should be used wisely. Flash widgets, ajax functionality and other technologies will change the way blogosphere works, that's the fact and I think it's the right direction, but in case of Blogumus, you need to limit number of labels displayed to show both important blogging aspects design and functionality. Just my 2c.


Rezkizuka said...

Thank U. i've been lookin for this


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