11 September 2008

Free Flash Tweened Horizontal Menu

Flanture Tweened Horizontal Menu is easy to use and customize for your own needs. Source file comes with empty movie clip which you can use to place your own menu items text. Tween speed for both alpha change and white line growth can be change in few seconds. If you wish to change graphics but to leave functionality as it is, this can be done in no time. You can get this horizontal tweened flash menu in two ways:

1. For FREE
This menu is available for free to all email subscribers to this blog. After you confirm your subscription, leave comment or email at flanture gmail com with tweened menu request. You will get source FLA file (opens with Flash 8+) with actionscript code explanation and fully featured PDF help file for quick start.

2. Customized Solution ($12)
If you don't have required Flash knowledge to customize this menu on your own, you can order customized solution to meet your needs. Just contact via email.



Anonymous said...

its nice, can u plz send me the source code to jugal{dt}mahendra{at}yahoo{dt}co{dt}in

SR said...

Hey, great flash bar.

Could you send to gatti_02@hotmail.com please?


flanture said...

hi SR,

thanks for your interest in my Tweened Menu. If you want free copy you need to subscribe via email and confirm, like many others did. If you need custom design let me know.

Thanks again,


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