29 September 2008

Free Flash Scale Menu v2

It's been a year now since Flanture published simple flash scale menu and recently file was rewritten and added few improvements. That's why this one is version 2. Source file is included with preview swf and detailed pdf help file.

In this version you can:

1. Change menu items alpha
2. Change menu items scale value
3. Add new menu item or edit existing ones

free flash scale menu preview

download : flanture scale menu v2.

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Tom said...

The download link is dead. Could you post another?

flanture said...

Hello Tom, thank you for your comment, I have updated download link


poppy said...

i cant seem to change the movieclips to buttons, anytime i try the Action script doesn't work, please help!

flanture said...

hi poppy,

it's intended to work with movie clips, check this line of code:

if (typeof (this[ind]) == "movieclip") {

that's why code doesn't work with buttons - hope this helps



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