22 August 2008

Flex Delivers Video Microblogging App

You might have been in position to answer simple question "what are you doing" a few times? How about answering this question by recording a short 12 s video? This is exactly idea behind new video microblogging service 12seconds.tv.

Service is still in alpha, so few new features might lurking around the corner. For now, you are invited to record your video message via web cam, mobile phone or your washing machine if it supports this feature. You have an option to name your video, tag it, locate it and post it. You will also get a unique e-mail address to send video directly from your phone (or washing machine) and it will be published on your 12seconds page. You can also configure your Twitter account with it and service will twit for you any new uploaded message.

If you are familiar with my recent article about AIR based Twitter application TweetDeck and you are fan of same, you will love to read that this powerful Twitter desktop client will support 12Seconds service. And yes, like everything related to web video, this service is also Flex based app.

video microblogging app 12seconds

I have 10 invites for my precious readers, giving them away FIFO style :) Just leave a comment with your e-mail.




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