26 August 2008

Flash designers show off your work

Another way to show off your work if you are Flash developer / designer is Carbonmade. This web service allows you to display your portfolio to potential clients and worldwide audience. Free plan gives you 5 projects and 35 images. Pro plan ($12 / month) brings you 50 projects, 500 images and 10 videos. You can even upload swfs with both free and pro plan which is really great.

Carbonmade is here for two and half years and since it managed to present 62.000 portfolios, 132 k projects, almost 1 million images and over 1.000 videos. Only Flash category has 1127 portfolio Right This Minute. Not bad. However, most portfolios have under 5 projects (free plan) which means good opportunities shouldn't be missed.

Great Carbonmade feature is that you can add Google Analytics code and track your portfolio traffic. Also, you will get "available for freelance" flag-like button beside your online portfolio listing. Don't get surprised if you get hired!



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