20 August 2008

AS3 code libraries list

I was just reading about degrafa framework and how it is really great when big boys support open source communities when run into this huge list of AS3 code libraries which includes:

- AS3 3D engines
- 3D Game Engines
- AS3 3D Physics (not phsics) engines
- AS3 Animation Tweening Kits
- AS3 2D Physics Engines
- AS3 Security
- AS3 Audio Libraries
- AS3 Particle Systems
- Loading Kits
- OOP Frameworks
- more APIs and Libraries

Extremely useful.


Adrian Parr said...

Hi flanture,

Glad it is of some use. I always read about these things on various blogs and then can't remember where I saw them or what they were called.



flanture said...

I hope many will see your list,
good work Adrian.


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