12 August 2008

Adobe Flex Themes Cool Awards Contest

Visual aspects of Flex and AIR applications are improving rapidly. New Gumbo FXG format will try to take the look-and-feel of Flex applications to the next level. For less patient ones here is very trivial example of FXG usage. Even if you don't understand German language, it is not likely you will not understand this simple tutorial.

However, if you think it's too early for Gumbo and Flex SDK nightly builds, take a look at "Skin to Win Challenge" contest at ScaleNine, sponsored by Adobe and EffectiveUI. You are required to create a custom theme, compatible with Flex 3. Prizes are cool, MacBook Air, Adobe CS3 Master Suite, Adobe Flex Builder 3 Pro, tickets to Adobe MAX.

Themes will be judged for visual design (50%), overall quality (25%), innovation and uniqueness (25%). Deadline is October 10th 2008.

Can you do better than Darkroom?



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