23 July 2008

Playcrafter - Flash Games Playground 4 Kidz

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Already reported by ReadWriteWeb and Ryan Stewart, Playcrafter is new Flex based web application, portal that allows users to create new worlds (games) using predefined objects with simple drag-and-drop technique. Playcrafter is best for kidz under six years old. That's my impression, off course, but as always I just might be wrong.

You should use term 'creating games' very loose if you have big plans with this new acquired tool. If you do succeed and you create some kind of 'game' with Playcrafter, I don't wanna know about it. We'll see how things will develop in future, but right now you have a chance to win few awards too like PS3, XBox360, Wii or $100 in games downloads. Wait, what? You can create a game and then buy it? Oh, great! Totally new concept, something the web has crying for. Something is fishy here, I knew I should watch that intro video. But I didn't.


Stephan Richard said...

Playcrafter is for anybody who likes online games and would like to create some new for their family and friends.
Imagine, you take picture of your best friends, assign them to some smart objects and present them with the end result they can enjoy.
This has a lot of future especially because it opens the door to gamers' imagination with an easy to use and fun game creation tool.

flanture said...

Uf! Stephan made me watch that video after all and I was right. Good design for not so good project. I'm convinced now they must state - for kidz only - on main page.

I don't know what 'smart objects' are, but if you think about movie clips with only 3 features, gravity, friction and I can't remember third one, they are very limited.

If someone opens the door to gamers imagination, that would be big day, but they shouldn't use that door for rubbish. Game developers are always passionate gamers and I doubt true developers will see playcrafter as serious platform.

Henry Hill said...

The game is nice and creative. It is also good for adult.. I love to play it because there are many sections to play. The stories are good. I love the comment section done by flash. Rather powerful.. keep it up.

I am wondering if we can put that game on our web pages or not. I hope in the future, it will be available.

flanture said...

Henry sounds like PlayCrafter is my fault? Nope, wrong place. But I like UphillRush!


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