02 July 2008

Mashups via Flex and AIR

Mashup applications combine and / or transform data from different sources into unique user experience. Sources may include but are not limited to public APIs, web services and data feeds like RSS and Atom.

Imagine what are the possibilities for combining data from Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Flickr, Twitter, Del.icio.us into single desktop application. Indeed, imagination can become your main tool for creation. No technical boundaries, no platform limitations. With knowledge in HTML / JavaScript or Flex / ActionScript you are already cross-platform applications developer, but haven't yet realized it.

Best of all, to get started, you don't need expensive courses and IDEs. You need Flash Player 9 (free), Flex 3 SDK (free), Adobe AIR SDK (free), runtime and examples source code (free). The only thing you will really need is this book.

Mashups applications book


Chapter 1 Introduction to Mashups
Chapter 2 Technologies to Mash With!
Chapter 3 An Introduction to Flex
Chapter 4 Flex Components
Chapter 5 Flexing Your Muscles
Chapter 6 Performance Management in Flex Applications
Chapter 7 Debugging Flex 3: The Tried-and-True, Plus the New
Chapter 8 Getting the Most out of APIs
Chapter 9 Mashing Up Functionality
Chapter 10 SWX: A Native Flash Data Format
Chapter 11 Taking It to the Desktop
Chapter 12 Developing for the Desktop with AIR
Chapter 13 Adding More Desktop Elements to the Web
Chapter 14 Building a Desktop Experience
Chapter 15 Completing the Experience

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