28 July 2008

Howto Find Local Flash Developers

Maybe it was a dream, nothing else. Few days ago I found unknown to me web2.0 app which displays position of freelancers around the globe on Google Maps. App has a lot of tags, one of them was flash off course and I was amazed how easily one can find local developers. Problem is I didn’t bookmarked this website! How insane is fact that I spent 2 hours searching for that website on Google, Yahoo even Listio etc, but with zero success. I’m hopeless, maybe I was dreaming…

Anyway, while searching for this ghost directory I found this one, ProfessionalOnTheWeb with similar feature, but without maps. No fun. However, someone may profit from it. It has currently 258 professionals in Flash category. Locations of developers are available. Directory is still in beta.

Professional on the Web - a portfolio directory for web agencies and flash freelancers



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