08 July 2008

Flash Bookshelf Widget Improved

What is bookshelf widget? It is small Flash file designed for blog sidebar, which allows you to offer your readers additional blog related products like books, images, etc. While saving space, bookshelf widget contains links to books / products details page on Amazon or any other online store.

Flanture Flash bookshelf widget is ongoing work-in-progress. I know this widget is not best one out there, it doesn’t have mirror or 3D effect, but WTH, I made it! Entire file, with images is very small 61 kb. This version has some improvements.

free flash bookshelf widget improvements

New features:

- Categories and category navigation. Besides Flash category (7 books), I added two new categories, Ajax with 6 books and just for fun Blogging category with 4 books.
- Images are now also links, same as “more info…” button links. Rotation of images inside categories is now present.
- Tiny visual differences like navigation arrows, background color and dimensions.

There is not XML based version for this one. Full customization is possible.

Download Bookshelf Widget v1.5



Anonymous said...

Looks very nice, but the download dosen't work :-(

flanture said...

Thanks for letting me know, I have uploaded file again. If you still have problems email me flanture {at} gmail {dt} com, I'll send you widget



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