09 June 2008

Exams are 4 egomaniacs

Is it really important to get that Certification banner and make your blog have more authority? I don’t know, but I think it’s impossible to pass the Exam and not to put proof of it on your blog / website / portfolio. Anyone forgot to do it? Take a look what happened to Yakov Fain after taking Flex Certification Exam . And he is right in his conclusion: "Memorizing method signatures and other information that is just one click away in the real world and remembering these things does not make anyone better programmer". If you are still stubborn to take that test, get this practice exam engine for Flex 2.

I still wonder what happened to Web Developer’s and Designer’s Journal (now Flex) and why there isn’t new issue for a year? (or there is?) Not everything in life is web2.0 and some old habits are not replaceable. I like to read paper magazines and even holograms won’t change that. You can still get some old issues in PDF format, by subscribing to free newsletter or use big G to do it: "allinurl: sys-con /mx/ filetype:pdf" without quotes. Ajax, Java and dot Net magazines in query variations. Don’t mention it.

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