23 June 2008

AS3.0 gurus + Creative Flash Websites

Latest poll question on Flanture was: Rate your AS3.0 knowledge? Results are:

Guru 25%
Advance 25%
Average 25%
Greenhorn 12%
Zero 12%

As always, results are questionable for two reasons. First reason is nobody can force you to say the truth or you are subjective and second reason is low number of voters, off course. It has something to do with statistics, more votes closer to the real results. However, if we overlook those two reasons, 75% of Flanture visitors have average or above average knowledge of ActionScript 3.0. I didn’t expect that much, but this info is interesting.

Also wanted to mention, if you have time to spare, check 21 Incredibly Creative Flash Websites

creative flash websites


Sakri said...

Ah, the Lake Wobegon effect in the flash community :)


80% of Swedish men rated themselves in the top 30% of all drivers...


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