25 May 2008

It’s all about votes

pools image In last 30 days I have asked you few questions via Polls in order to know you better. I hope that this can help me write more about stuff most interested to majority of my readers because this blog covers wide area of interests mainly inside Flash Platform.

What have I learned?

Almost all of Flanture readers who voted on first Poll are first time comers. Now, I can’t say I don’t have returned visitors because number of RSS subscribers on this blog grows every new month, but I do have full feed that’s true. I have learned that most of the traffic comes from search engines and from Adobe feeds also, but only on days with new posts. Bigger presence in social networks required.

I have also find out that Flanture blog navigation is ‘bad’ for 33% of visitors and ‘can be better’ for 66% of them, but also that blog template is important, but after content.

Finally and most important question I asked was: ‘What do you want to read on Flanture?’ and results are:

Flash Tutorials 36%
Flex Tutorials 27%
Flashlite 9%
General programming 9%
Web Development 9%
All above 9%

This clearly shows that two out of three Flanture readers wants to read more Flash / Flex Tutorials and this is just about right direction for this blog, but that doesn’t mean that other subjects will be totally forgotten. Polls are going to continue, so please feel free to participate and in some sense decide about Flanture content. Thanks.



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