20 May 2008

Catchy title about Astro

adobe flash player 10 Astro Off course I’m gonna write about Astro! It’s a big news, everyone writes about it, so why should I be exception? Astro is code name for next version of Adobe Flash Player 10. While still in beta, meaning not much support, new features are known and explained on Labs .

While others are in agony for new info about FP10, some are already way ahead, testing and writing tutorials, like senocular on drawing API.

Non-developers don’t need to do anything yet, since beta is just that – beta, but they do need to prepare themselves for totally new experience FP10 enhancements are bringing. If you are still eager to try FP10, you will need to first uninstall previous FP versions and don’t expect many demos just yet.

Download Flash Player 10




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