05 May 2008

AIR for JS developers free ebook

Adobe AIR free ebook coverFirst of all if you didn’t noticed now is the right time to start with Adobe AIR, when 1.0 is out and stable and you have one more reason for this if you are JavaScript developer. That reason is Air for JavaScript developers pocket guide free ebook which you can buy in paper or download for free in PDF file format. The book is published under Creative Commons 3.0 license, meaning you can copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work. Book has 204 pages packed with general introduction writings about AIR, but also has mini-cookbook inside which covers topics from Windowing and File API to Embedded Database and Networking.

On right sidebar I have asked you another poll question: What do you want to read about on Flanture. Feel free to give your answer and contribute. This is 4th poll in this series and many more will come. If you feel like writing for Flanture and you find yourself in some aspect of Flash Platform, submit your article and I will publish it as guest blogger’s post. Your writings must be unique and exclusive for this blog.

Flanture also feels quite happy about new Blogger’s feature - scheduled posting. It is one of those things when you say something like: This is invented just now? It’s better now than never.



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