14 April 2008

Real-world Flash Jobs

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If we think about Flash Platform, there is huge number of different, smaller or bigger areas where you can become an expert. For beginners this is very important, because it is impossible to become programming guru for everything, even after few years of learning and development. New technologies are appearing very fast and amount of knowledge is increasing exponentially.

Let’s mention 3 versions of ActionScript, then very trendy AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), ColdFusion, Flashlite, Flex, etc. Off course, all these technologies have something in common and at least basic knowledge and understanding of few of them is needed, but for starters it is even more important to choose specific area as primary one.

If you are interested to find out which technology knowledge is most wanted, you will need to check some of the job boards out there, or start with 'the monster list of freelancing job sites'. Some of the positions you might be interested in are:

- Flash developer / programmer
- Flash web designer
- ActionScript games developer
- Mobile Flash developer
- Flex developer
- Air programmer
- ColdFusion developer

You will need 3 things to start with personal development: good Internet connection, free time and curiosity. Everything else you will find on the web. Here is one tip for you. Check those job websites and register for few of them. A lot of them don’t require registration fee. Take a look what kind of jobs are in the offer so you can feel work in real world. As registered user, sometimes you will be able to download source code files which employers upload. You don’t have to bid for the project, it’s enough for you to try solving the problem. In this way you easily gain confidence and experience you will need.


William Gregoire said...

Why not ?!
I never thought of that !

Oh...perhaps you could give us some of the links you use ?
I didn't find AIR and Flash Mobile projects sample yet... ;)

The Saj said...

What do you do when your free time disappears?

(ie: baby)


flanture said...

:) I'm not (yet) qualified to answer to that kind of problem, if we can call it so...

AndyChou said...

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Flex programming said...


Really nice tips!

will try to keep it in my mind



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