22 April 2008

May I help you with finding developers?

Yesterday I got this comment:

Need 10 Adobe Flex engineers:
1. You should have this skill set: "Adobe Flex + C#/Java + SQL Database".
2. You have to be living in United States, United Kingdom, Australia or Canada.
3. Work part time (through the Internet) OR full time with us (on site at our client's office).
4. Please send us your resume, expected salary, full time or part time, etc.

Busycode Inc. is a top Adobe Flex outsourcing service provider who develops Flex/AIR applications for clients.
Visit http://www.busycode.com , you will see we are all about Flex engineer, Flex programmer, Flex coder, Flex specialist and Flex expert. If you are Mr. Flex or Miss Flex, join us now!

It is great if you have flex / flash or whatever jobs positions and you want to find good developers, but leaving a comment here on Flanture is not the right way. Do it properly! I know that this blog is on first page of Google for “Flash jobs” and because of this now you have opportunity to find excellent programmers for your projects.

From today you will be able to search for your employees with Flanture for 1$ / day. For more info contact via email or leave your comment and I’ll get back to you asap. Your job link will be placed on sidebar of this blog. Full description on Flanture Jobs. Thanks!



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