24 April 2008

Learn Flash Video

Flash CS3 Video book is written by Tom Green and Adam Thomas. Tom Green is professor of interactive multimedia in Toronto, he is working with Community MX and he contributes to Adobe Developer Center. Adam Thomas is a professor of rich media and web development. He runs Robin Hood Tech web studio. Here is a shorten list of what you will learn from this book by chapters:

Best practices of using the Flash CS3 Video Encoder
How to create the FLV Playback component

How to use video and audio clips in a Windows Movie Maker project
How to prepare video projects for Flash video

How to create an FLV file using Flix Pro
How to preview an FLV file

How to use the FLV Playback custom UI components
How to use a Video object in Flash
How to use ActionScript3.0 to add components at runtime

How to create an Alpha channel video in a video editor
How to create reflected video

How to apply simple effects to video
How ActionScript is used to programmatically add filters and blend modes to video

How to use ActionScript to create and apply masks and masking effects
How to use the Tween class to animate masks

Used the color tools and filters to create an iPod ad
Used SWFObject to place a Flash SWF file in a web page

Used a series of movieclips to trigger FLV file playback
Discovered how to play a sequence of videos

How to create a simple webcam feed
How to use a webcam to detect motion

Learned how to embed cue points in an FLV file using the Flash Video Encoder
Discovered how to use components and ActionScript to navigate through an FLV file

Learned how to author video applications for a cell phone
Discovered how to convert a Flash movie to a QuickTime video



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