09 April 2008

Howto lower level of ignorance

In few days it will be exactly one year from first post on this blog. During first year Flanture has grown much more than I expected. Traffic is rising from month to month, it was more than 3k unique visitors in March and growth rate is between 15 and 20 % per month for last 4 months. Search engines position is also great.

What I realized is that I really don’t know much about you, my readers. My knowledge about who and why reads this blog is based on your comments, back links you provide, so I can check your blog sometimes and that’s it. Some questions you ask here are basic, a lot of them about how to place Flash file on Blogger’s blog and similar, but some comments are from real Flash gurus and programmers. Must say I’m happy about everyone’s comment.

I decided to lower my level of ignorance and to do it in simple way, by series of polls with questions related to Flash platform and web development. I’m not really interested in your grandmother’s middle name or your pet outdoor behavior; so don’t expect questions like these. I will place polls widget high on sidebar, to be easily available, so please feel free to contribute and make this blog better place. Thanks in advance.




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