21 April 2008

Gumbo receipts

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For this special meal you will need some special ingredients, mostly not yet discovered. Since this is still work-in-progress receipt, some elements may change a lot. You will need enormous patience, strong wit and alien determination.

How to prepare

Take some easy customization of Flex applications. Mix it with component and skinning architecture for a very long time. In the separate dish adjust the MXML language to support states and transitions. Improve existing experience-oriented features such as states, effects, and layout. Keep in mind that you will have to make your Gumbo compatible with Flex 3.

Cook everything until late 2008, when you will have to open the oven and try some in a form of beta 1. If everything is OK, keep cooking until 2009. Serve while hot!

Enjoy your Flex4 experience



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