03 April 2008

Free PhotoShop online and offline

Few days ago Adobe has launched new free online image editor and community called PhotoShop Express. You are invited to edit, organize and share your photos online for free and for this you will get 2Gb of storage. Your photo must be less than 10Mb.

Free Adobe PhotoShop Express

File formats that work with Express are jpg, gif, png, swf and reason for this limitation is obvious: this service is built on Flex 3! How awesome is that! Express is cross platform, works on Win, Mac OS X and Linux. You will need Flash Player 9 to run Express. Available options for editing are cropping, rotating, white balance, tuning and many more. View your gallery in 2D or 3D.

Don’t have a need to pay $700 for PhotoShop Offline? Don’t worry, you will get your PhotoShop Express on your desktop for free…I just have to think about this last sentence for a little longer…Express built on AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) will be available for offline experience very soon, rumor says. Making services out of software is the only logical direction web will move and Adobe has taken that first step with PhotoShop Express.

Free Adobe PhotoShop Express



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