24 April 2008

Learn Flash Video

Flash CS3 Video book is written by Tom Green and Adam Thomas. Tom Green is professor of interactive multimedia in Toronto, he is working with Community MX and he contributes to Adobe Developer Center. Adam Thomas is a professor of rich media and web development. He runs Robin Hood Tech web studio. Here is a shorten list of what you will learn from this book by chapters:

Best practices of using the Flash CS3 Video Encoder
How to create the FLV Playback component

How to use video and audio clips in a Windows Movie Maker project
How to prepare video projects for Flash video

How to create an FLV file using Flix Pro
How to preview an FLV file

How to use the FLV Playback custom UI components
How to use a Video object in Flash
How to use ActionScript3.0 to add components at runtime

How to create an Alpha channel video in a video editor
How to create reflected video

How to apply simple effects to video
How ActionScript is used to programmatically add filters and blend modes to video

How to use ActionScript to create and apply masks and masking effects
How to use the Tween class to animate masks

Used the color tools and filters to create an iPod ad
Used SWFObject to place a Flash SWF file in a web page

Used a series of movieclips to trigger FLV file playback
Discovered how to play a sequence of videos

How to create a simple webcam feed
How to use a webcam to detect motion

Learned how to embed cue points in an FLV file using the Flash Video Encoder
Discovered how to use components and ActionScript to navigate through an FLV file

Learned how to author video applications for a cell phone
Discovered how to convert a Flash movie to a QuickTime video

22 April 2008

May I help you with finding developers?

Yesterday I got this comment:

Need 10 Adobe Flex engineers:
1. You should have this skill set: "Adobe Flex + C#/Java + SQL Database".
2. You have to be living in United States, United Kingdom, Australia or Canada.
3. Work part time (through the Internet) OR full time with us (on site at our client's office).
4. Please send us your resume, expected salary, full time or part time, etc.

Busycode Inc. is a top Adobe Flex outsourcing service provider who develops Flex/AIR applications for clients.
Visit http://www.busycode.com , you will see we are all about Flex engineer, Flex programmer, Flex coder, Flex specialist and Flex expert. If you are Mr. Flex or Miss Flex, join us now!

It is great if you have flex / flash or whatever jobs positions and you want to find good developers, but leaving a comment here on Flanture is not the right way. Do it properly! I know that this blog is on first page of Google for “Flash jobs” and because of this now you have opportunity to find excellent programmers for your projects.

From today you will be able to search for your employees with Flanture for 1$ / day. For more info contact via email or leave your comment and I’ll get back to you asap. Your job link will be placed on sidebar of this blog. Full description on Flanture Jobs. Thanks!

21 April 2008

Gumbo receipts

flex logo

For this special meal you will need some special ingredients, mostly not yet discovered. Since this is still work-in-progress receipt, some elements may change a lot. You will need enormous patience, strong wit and alien determination.

How to prepare

Take some easy customization of Flex applications. Mix it with component and skinning architecture for a very long time. In the separate dish adjust the MXML language to support states and transitions. Improve existing experience-oriented features such as states, effects, and layout. Keep in mind that you will have to make your Gumbo compatible with Flex 3.

Cook everything until late 2008, when you will have to open the oven and try some in a form of beta 1. If everything is OK, keep cooking until 2009. Serve while hot!

Enjoy your Flex4 experience

18 April 2008

Singularity is Green 2


Find out how all these people congregate in Singularity !

Singularity web conference

14 April 2008

Real-world Flash Jobs

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

If we think about Flash Platform, there is huge number of different, smaller or bigger areas where you can become an expert. For beginners this is very important, because it is impossible to become programming guru for everything, even after few years of learning and development. New technologies are appearing very fast and amount of knowledge is increasing exponentially.

Let’s mention 3 versions of ActionScript, then very trendy AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime), ColdFusion, Flashlite, Flex, etc. Off course, all these technologies have something in common and at least basic knowledge and understanding of few of them is needed, but for starters it is even more important to choose specific area as primary one.

If you are interested to find out which technology knowledge is most wanted, you will need to check some of the job boards out there, or start with 'the monster list of freelancing job sites'. Some of the positions you might be interested in are:

- Flash developer / programmer
- Flash web designer
- ActionScript games developer
- Mobile Flash developer
- Flex developer
- Air programmer
- ColdFusion developer

You will need 3 things to start with personal development: good Internet connection, free time and curiosity. Everything else you will find on the web. Here is one tip for you. Check those job websites and register for few of them. A lot of them don’t require registration fee. Take a look what kind of jobs are in the offer so you can feel work in real world. As registered user, sometimes you will be able to download source code files which employers upload. You don’t have to bid for the project, it’s enough for you to try solving the problem. In this way you easily gain confidence and experience you will need.

09 April 2008

Howto lower level of ignorance

In few days it will be exactly one year from first post on this blog. During first year Flanture has grown much more than I expected. Traffic is rising from month to month, it was more than 3k unique visitors in March and growth rate is between 15 and 20 % per month for last 4 months. Search engines position is also great.

What I realized is that I really don’t know much about you, my readers. My knowledge about who and why reads this blog is based on your comments, back links you provide, so I can check your blog sometimes and that’s it. Some questions you ask here are basic, a lot of them about how to place Flash file on Blogger’s blog and similar, but some comments are from real Flash gurus and programmers. Must say I’m happy about everyone’s comment.

I decided to lower my level of ignorance and to do it in simple way, by series of polls with questions related to Flash platform and web development. I’m not really interested in your grandmother’s middle name or your pet outdoor behavior; so don’t expect questions like these. I will place polls widget high on sidebar, to be easily available, so please feel free to contribute and make this blog better place. Thanks in advance.


03 April 2008

Free PhotoShop online and offline

Few days ago Adobe has launched new free online image editor and community called PhotoShop Express. You are invited to edit, organize and share your photos online for free and for this you will get 2Gb of storage. Your photo must be less than 10Mb.

Free Adobe PhotoShop Express

File formats that work with Express are jpg, gif, png, swf and reason for this limitation is obvious: this service is built on Flex 3! How awesome is that! Express is cross platform, works on Win, Mac OS X and Linux. You will need Flash Player 9 to run Express. Available options for editing are cropping, rotating, white balance, tuning and many more. View your gallery in 2D or 3D.

Don’t have a need to pay $700 for PhotoShop Offline? Don’t worry, you will get your PhotoShop Express on your desktop for free…I just have to think about this last sentence for a little longer…Express built on AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) will be available for offline experience very soon, rumor says. Making services out of software is the only logical direction web will move and Adobe has taken that first step with PhotoShop Express.

Free Adobe PhotoShop Express


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