07 March 2008

Steve Jobs vs Flash

Few days ago Steve Jobs announced that iPhone and existing Adobe’s technologies are not good for each other. Flash performance on iPhone is too slow and Flash Lite is just not good enough. Later, iPhone SDK was announced revealing some answers to many questions.

Overall, users are willing to see Flash on iPhone just as much as on other mobile devices. It is estimated that over one billion devices will be Flash enabled in 2010, so why not iPhone?

Some speculations say that Adobe and Apple have unresolved disputes from past and some theories claims that situation is tightened because of positioning in future mobile industry. Insiders say that Flash is heavily tested on iPhone and it works just fine and that this is just business politics (read money).

Question is who is losing here? iPhone users without flash based RIA or flash developers? Apple or Adobe?



The Saj said...


- Non-Mac-Fanatic iPhone users (ie: real people, business users, etc)

- Flash Developers

- Adobe

- Me!


- None


- Steve Jobs and Apple. Limit control and access and hedge their media market. But burn many bridges and sales.


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