15 March 2008

Next logical step - new domain

Flanture blog is almost a year old now (11 month, to be precise). Back then I split my old blog in two, given them two different roles and time has shown this one is bigger success, according to traffic, page rank (7 vs 4) and number of regular readers (RSS subscription). No surprise since Blogger platform is mucho, mucho better choice than limited Blog.com service.

Next logical step for me was to get myself new domain and result is www.flanture.com ! It wasn’t quite intentional, but over the months I always presented myself as Flanture, my usernames on Kongregate, Forums and other places was Flanture and this practice have helped me to brand myself and my blog(s) easier. With 1000+ backlinks this blog has become something I never expected it will be, more than hobby, less then full time occupation. I even wonder sometimes what is my primary direction blogging or flash development!

New domain is set to redirect traffic to blogspot, for now. I’m thinking to change blog template in near future if I decide to allow more advertising space.

edit: few minutes ago I run into new cool ActionScript 3.0 book, something to post about next time.



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