01 March 2008

Flash / Flex / AIR development jobs widget

flash components

Hundreds of ideas for new flash widgets are born here on Flanture every day, but implementation is a different story. Just few of those ideas are worth enough to be considered as a project. After our Free Flash Bookshelf Widget, new project is here: Flash Jobs Widget.

Actually, more precise title would be flash / flex / air development jobs widget, because we will not be limited to Flash only. Reasons for making this widget are multiple. Idea is to combine jobs postings and developers CVs in one single widget. Those of you who contacted me looking for Flash job, here is your chance. I will collect your resumes and you will get deserved exposure for free via widget when finished. I havened decided yet but probably I will limit number of resumes presented, so send your email as soon as possible.

Open your favorite email client, write down following informations and send it to:
flanture {at} gmail {dt} com

- your photo 75x75 (not required)
- full name (required)
- year of birth (not required)
- location (not required)
- skills |flash, flex, air, cf ...| (required)
- experience |portfolio url, short description|(required)
- contact|email, msn, twitter or whatever|(required)

Your informations will not be abused. I'm NOT sending you any email, so if you want to be notified when widget is ready, check back often here or even better subscribe via full RSS feed.




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