04 February 2008

Flex introduction and misconceptions

James Ward wrote about top 10 Adobe Flex misconceptions. Here is a short list of those, complete arcticle at ultrashock.

1.Users need to install something new to run Flex applications
2. Flash Player is 100% proprietary
3. Flash is for designers, video, and annoyances
4. Flex is not for enterprise or business applications
5. Flex is expensive
6. Flex applications require a special server
7. Flex is hard to learn
8. With Flex, I will need to rebuild my entire application
9. Flex breaks normal browser functionality, like the Back button
10. I can do everything Flex does with Ajax

Another short but very useful introduction for total beginners in Flex from Sujit Reddy G.



Anonymous said...

If Flash Player is not 100% proprietary but only 70% or 40% what is the difference? Where can I donwload the source code of Flash Player? We are not even allowed to create a clean room implementation of Flash Player because the specifications of the SWF format explicitly forbid that.

Chris said...

Adobe only has itself to blame for these misconceptions. I'm trying to learn Flash/AS3/Flex/MXML and I still have a hard time figuring out where the buzzwords stop and the technology begins. They've never taken the time to clarify the differences between all these terms. I know buzzwords are a company's tool in trade to confusing the customer into buying something, but Adobe's really shot itself in the foot with this one.


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