09 February 2008

Flash XML book - missing code

Few days ago I came across this book Flash XML Applications: Use AS2 and AS3 to Create Photo Galleries, Menus, and Databases in paper. The book was used, so I borrowed it but then I realized I'm short for CD. Ah, pity, but than again maybe one of my readers have code from this awesome book and if this is the case I would really like someone to send it to me via email or upload it somewhere on web.

Here is short contents:

Section 1 Introduction to XML Applications and ActionScript 2

Chapter 1 XML Introduction
Chapter 2 ActionScript 2 Revisited
Chapter 3 XML and XMLNode Classes
Chapter 4 Tutorial: Creating a Universal XML Load/onload Class
Chapter 5 Parsing XML with AS2
Chapter 6 Tutorial: Creating a Universal XHTML Parser
Chapter 7 XML Server-Side

Section 2 Components

Chapter 8 The Menu, MenuBar, and Tree Components
Chapter 9 The ComboBox Component
Chapter 10 Connector Components
Chapter 11 Creating an RSS Feed Reader

Section 3 Creating a Real Estate Web Site

Chapter 12 Creating Your Own Menu Bar
Chapter 13 Creating the Database (Part 1)
Chapter 14 Creating the Database (Part 2)
Chapter 15 Content Management

Section 4 ActionScript 3

Chapter 16 ActionScript 3: Basic Tutorial
Chapter 17 XMLDocument, XMLNode, XML, and XMLList Classes
Chapter 18 Menu Bar and ComboBox
Chapter 19 The Search Engine (Part 1)
Chapter 20 The Search Engine (Part 2)




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