27 January 2008

Flash Development Jobs Salary

One of the things I have planned for year 2008 is more active participation as Flash developer. Regarding work and learning I will have to spend many, many hours with my computer, I will have to borrow some persistence from Novak Djokovic and I will have to drink who knows how much kg's of good fresh coffee.

On the other hand there are expectations from financial perspective. Quick research took me to ItJobsWatch website where you can see summary of several interesting facts concerning jobs in Flash development in UK.

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In 2004 there was 10% demand in Flash jobs of all permanent IT jobs in UK. This demand is 20% in January 2008. Considering Flash salary trends in UK, we can see great move up from 2004 when average salary was around 28k pounds and today is around 32k pounds. Max Flash salary today is 35k and min is around 30k.

My expectations are slightly different since I'm not after permanent Flash job, not for now. Best model for me is freelance Flash developer and part-time projects. Is it possible for freelancer to have earnings as high as permanent employees in Flash development industry?



JesterXL said...

Not sure what it is in the UK, but in America, you can definitely make way more as a freelancer. The cons are you have to handle taxes yourself, and your gigs (jobs) don't always last that long so you need to constantly be on the lookout for new work. Not hard as a Flash Dev; there is always work.

flanture said...

great to hear there is always work for Flash Dev. Also excellent article about this subject I read just today is yours Jesse, I think:

Adobe Flex and Flash Career Guidance

Happy @ Work said...


Not here to blow my own trumpet, and maybe I misunderstood your post, but I'm a fulltime Flash dev in London on 45K and I've seen jobs advertised for 50K+ many times.

Max is certainly not 35.

Nice to see the 20% mark reached though :)

flanture said...

source for my post was ItJobsWatch, but not sure if their statistics are based on whole UK IT industry, perhaps not according to your comment.

flanture said...

one more interesting article about flex job market


kiran said...

IM happy to hear there is always work for Flash Dev


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