27 January 2008

Flash Development Jobs Salary

One of the things I have planned for year 2008 is more active participation as Flash developer. Regarding work and learning I will have to spend many, many hours with my computer, I will have to borrow some persistence from Novak Djokovic and I will have to drink who knows how much kg's of good fresh coffee.

On the other hand there are expectations from financial perspective. Quick research took me to ItJobsWatch website where you can see summary of several interesting facts concerning jobs in Flash development in UK.

micro menu - xml flash menu

In 2004 there was 10% demand in Flash jobs of all permanent IT jobs in UK. This demand is 20% in January 2008. Considering Flash salary trends in UK, we can see great move up from 2004 when average salary was around 28k pounds and today is around 32k pounds. Max Flash salary today is 35k and min is around 30k.

My expectations are slightly different since I'm not after permanent Flash job, not for now. Best model for me is freelance Flash developer and part-time projects. Is it possible for freelancer to have earnings as high as permanent employees in Flash development industry?


16 January 2008

Milkatraz, final destination

Winner of the Favorite Website Awards Peoples Choice Award for 2007, sponsored by Adobe is GetTheGlass online 3D Flash game. You know that my vote went to this website, but I'm just one of 22104 votes. Amazing 27% of total number of votes!

Little heavy to load this 3D Flash game is all about helping the Adachi family to break into Fort Fridge and get the Glass. Avoid arrest or you will end up in Milkatraz!

3D Flash online game gettheglass

10 January 2008

Best Flash Websites in 2007

This is another post about "best of the best" in 2007, but unlike widgets this post is about best flash websites in 2007. Favorite Website Awards, FWA has awarded more than 2200 websites since 2000. This year voting is closing on 14th January 2008 for people's choice award 2007, sponsored by Adobe, and nominees are:

January 2007 - I'm cyborg, but that's OK
February 2007 - Air Jordan XX2
March 2007 - Get The Glass (my vote)
April 2007 - Michelin, a better way forward
May 2007 - Red Universe
June 2007 - Hungry Suitcase
July 2007 - HBO Voyeur
August 2007 - Paper Critters
September 2007 - Halo3 : Believe
October 2007 - Picnik
November 2007 - Good things should never end
December 2007 - Bjorn Borg

Winner to be announced on Tuesday. Besides People's Choice Awards, huge list of judges are evaluate websites every day based on magic formula that includes 40% design, 25% navigation, 15% graphics, 15% content and 5% personality. That's 100% right? Non-judges like Flanture can vote with also magic formula 100% of "this website is cool" and 0% of other stuff.

What is your favorite flash website for 2007? (beside your own)

05 January 2008

Top 5 Flash Widgets in 2007

Last year was full with new technologies and trends. One of those web related trends was apperance of new widgets as ornaments for blogs but some of them were also very usefull. I made a list of Top 5 Flash Widgets in 2007. Order isn't that important.

1. Twitter Badge - Twitter was big success in 2007 and many bloggers adopted twitter flash badge in order to inform precious readers about every minute of their life. Some of them stopped doing anything except writing twitts!

2. Widgetbucks Widget - Amongst money making widgets, WidgetBucks dominated around blogosphere in 2007 with large acceptance and not-so-bad $25 signup bonus. There were some issues about non US + Canada visitors and slow loading time at start, but with more categories, customization options and first payments everything was sorted out. You can see example of this widget on right sidebar of this blog.

3. Box Widget - Box storage place widget is very popular on many blogs. Easy to use and quick way to organize downloads.

4. Flickr Flash Photo Stream Badge - Popular and useful, let's you show your Flickr image gallery.

5. Super Mario Game - This widget was one of the most popular widget in last year for obvious reasons.


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