20 December 2007

Template tweaks

This Blogger template is quite good, but I had to change some small things. Something that doesn't have anything to do with template is that I removed Box widget. Names of the files were unreadable and widget itself took certain time to load which increased overall blog loading time. Instead I introduced simple html / javascript field. Also I removed rentacoder's job widget and link - it seemed little odd, widget that is.

Now regarding template, posts margins have flaw in this template because right margin is set to zero and it shouldn't be, so I changed it to 15px. Archives flat list have default left alignment and I couldn't find the way to make it center, so instead I used hierarchy list with posts titles which has center alignment. Post titles now have different background color.

My CSS contribution is small piece of code that change color of links in sidebar, nothing special. Just it's name :) I entered new code inside style definition template HTML.

#sidebar-special a:link {

#sidebar-special a:hover {

That's all. Now, new HTML / JavaScript widget links are inside div tag like this:

< id= "sidebar-special "> links < / div >

and that's it. Easy to do, small tweak but looks better than before. At least to me.


ALN said...

Yeah it look better! Thanks for sharing this.

flanture said...

Actually after writing this post I changed links color on entire blog, so tweak has no purpose on my blog now, but can be used on any blogger template.

I also changed fonts and more colors and I reduced number of posts on front page. Now I really like how it looks.


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