16 December 2007

Part of Flash Community

Flanture finally joined FlashDen. I was aware of this great Flash community for quite a while now listening and watching, but just few days ago I finally decided it's time for me to take part.

I'm sure FlashDen is THE best flash stock community online right now. Members are good ActionScript coders and even better designers. Forum is excellent too and besides Flash projects site is rich with audio files, video loops and pixel fonts. If we talk about Flash files everything is available: intros, 3D effects, Flash cards, menus and buttons, preloaders, amazing site templates, even games and components.

Why should I lose my precious time to code and design every single thing in my project, when I can have already made menus and preloaders for $1 - $5. This will allow me to focus on more complex things and my productivity will increase.


Omega said...

Congratulations on joining! Thanks for commenting on my new skin, i really appreciate it!

flanture said...

Thanks LadyOmega, your new design is really awesome. I voted for it on CSS Mania. All the best to you.



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