30 December 2007

Flanture Plans for 2008

One more year is at it's end. It is time to make plans for next year. In last year my most successful thing was actually this blog, which started in April. This is a place which describes my personal adventure through interesting world of Flash and all my expectation are exceeded, so for next year I only want to keep the same pace.

Main goal for next year is to finish building myself as AS2.0 programmer and beside that to deepen knowledge of AS3.0, AIR and Flex. Beside that I would like to create good portfolio here and on FlashDen as well.

If there is chance and if time allows as a bonus I would like to become part of some small flash games development team (or to create one?).

In last year, Flash was more of my hobby and it would be great if it become more of my profession.

Happy New Year to all of my readers !!!



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