01 December 2007

Custom Gradients Flash Tutorial

level: novice
tool: Flash 8
time: 5 min

Open new document File > New… > Flash document. If you don’t see Color Panel select Window > Color Swatches (or ctrl + F9). Now, you will create new gradient color swatch. Hoover with mouse over gradient swatches, eyedropper tool will appear. Select first swatch from the left.

With swatch selected open drop-down menu on upper right side and select Duplicate Swatch. Copy of first swatch will appear on the far right side. Select new swatch and then go to Color Mixer. Now you will create new gradient to look something like this:

Colors are #FFFFFF, #F4C98A, #CF9E55, #000000, from left to right. With Oval tool draw circle on Stage and then with paint bucket tool, use new gradient. With Color Swatches tab selected on upper right drop-down menu select Save Colors and name your file, myGradients.clr, for example or something like that.

Change document background color to black, add some stars and you got yourself a Universe!

This tutorial teaches you how to create custom gradient swatch in Flash. Expand this knowledge by creating several gradients. This technique can make you easy organizing your work. You can create different gradients for planets, balloons etc. In this way, when your collection of gradients become large, you will save a lot of time on making them.

Download Tutorial: PDF



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