30 December 2007

Flanture Plans for 2008

One more year is at it's end. It is time to make plans for next year. In last year my most successful thing was actually this blog, which started in April. This is a place which describes my personal adventure through interesting world of Flash and all my expectation are exceeded, so for next year I only want to keep the same pace.

Main goal for next year is to finish building myself as AS2.0 programmer and beside that to deepen knowledge of AS3.0, AIR and Flex. Beside that I would like to create good portfolio here and on FlashDen as well.

If there is chance and if time allows as a bonus I would like to become part of some small flash games development team (or to create one?).

In last year, Flash was more of my hobby and it would be great if it become more of my profession.

Happy New Year to all of my readers !!!

25 December 2007

Nicely crafted fear campaign or else?

Few days ago The Register wrote about serious Flash bug discovered by researchers from Google and some well-known security firm. This bug could allow attacks that steal the personal details of visitors. However article focuses on a book that will be out very soon, Hacking Exposed Web 2.0: Web 2.0 Security Secrets and Solutions and this book explain this Flash bug.

Discussion took place in incredible direction where some people even suggest that we should all turn off Flash content! Why not, let's turn off JavaScript, images and everything else and leave text as only web content. Let's go back to Web 0.2

Newest Flash Player 9,0,115,0 doesn't resolve this bug and there are still some security issues out there like page faults problem and some others. At least this will make some people to pay more attention and address these problems, but that doesn't mean we should forget about Flash. I don't have a clue why these attacks on Flash are happening, but I would like to know. Are you afraid of Flash?

20 December 2007

Template tweaks

This Blogger template is quite good, but I had to change some small things. Something that doesn't have anything to do with template is that I removed Box widget. Names of the files were unreadable and widget itself took certain time to load which increased overall blog loading time. Instead I introduced simple html / javascript field. Also I removed rentacoder's job widget and link - it seemed little odd, widget that is.

Now regarding template, posts margins have flaw in this template because right margin is set to zero and it shouldn't be, so I changed it to 15px. Archives flat list have default left alignment and I couldn't find the way to make it center, so instead I used hierarchy list with posts titles which has center alignment. Post titles now have different background color.

My CSS contribution is small piece of code that change color of links in sidebar, nothing special. Just it's name :) I entered new code inside style definition template HTML.

#sidebar-special a:link {

#sidebar-special a:hover {

That's all. Now, new HTML / JavaScript widget links are inside div tag like this:

< id= "sidebar-special "> links < / div >

and that's it. Easy to do, small tweak but looks better than before. At least to me.

16 December 2007

Part of Flash Community

Flanture finally joined FlashDen. I was aware of this great Flash community for quite a while now listening and watching, but just few days ago I finally decided it's time for me to take part.

I'm sure FlashDen is THE best flash stock community online right now. Members are good ActionScript coders and even better designers. Forum is excellent too and besides Flash projects site is rich with audio files, video loops and pixel fonts. If we talk about Flash files everything is available: intros, 3D effects, Flash cards, menus and buttons, preloaders, amazing site templates, even games and components.

Why should I lose my precious time to code and design every single thing in my project, when I can have already made menus and preloaders for $1 - $5. This will allow me to focus on more complex things and my productivity will increase.

13 December 2007

AIR beta 3 confusion

Yes, Adobe AIR, cross-operating system runtime version beta 3 is now available for download, along side with SDK. But please be careful.

If you install beta 3 (AIR, not SDK) you will not be able to install applications via install badge. When you install beta 3 and then you install or reinstall beta 2 will make beta 3 installations to fail. So if you want to run apps on beta 2, you have to install it before you install beta 3. Also beta 3 (but now SDK) is not compatible with previous versions.


07 December 2007

2/5 for bookshef widget poll results

Poll is closed now. You rated my flash bookshelf widget with 2/5, which is pretty much what I was expected. Next step will be to introduce Categories. Every category will be another XML node, so just small modifications will be needed. In this way you can have let's say flash related books category, horror books category, my books category if you have written some books or whatever.

Bookshelf widget is not aiming to be something original and wowish, it's just my little experiment since right now I'm very interested in XML-Flash integration. That's all to it. I'm also searching for some subject related books so if anyone have good tip, you are welcomed to share. Thanks.

05 December 2007

Jaws 2.0 - Great White

Open source 3D engine for Flash platform Papervision 3D latest version is out - 2.0 Alpha (Great White).

Also watch video interview with one of the authors Ralph Hawert. (70 Mb)

01 December 2007

Custom Gradients Flash Tutorial

level: novice
tool: Flash 8
time: 5 min

Open new document File > New… > Flash document. If you don’t see Color Panel select Window > Color Swatches (or ctrl + F9). Now, you will create new gradient color swatch. Hoover with mouse over gradient swatches, eyedropper tool will appear. Select first swatch from the left.

With swatch selected open drop-down menu on upper right side and select Duplicate Swatch. Copy of first swatch will appear on the far right side. Select new swatch and then go to Color Mixer. Now you will create new gradient to look something like this:

Colors are #FFFFFF, #F4C98A, #CF9E55, #000000, from left to right. With Oval tool draw circle on Stage and then with paint bucket tool, use new gradient. With Color Swatches tab selected on upper right drop-down menu select Save Colors and name your file, myGradients.clr, for example or something like that.

Change document background color to black, add some stars and you got yourself a Universe!

This tutorial teaches you how to create custom gradient swatch in Flash. Expand this knowledge by creating several gradients. This technique can make you easy organizing your work. You can create different gradients for planets, balloons etc. In this way, when your collection of gradients become large, you will save a lot of time on making them.

Download Tutorial: PDF


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