19 November 2007

Simple Flash bookshelf widget

After yesterday's discovery of Lee Brimelow website and after watching Flash XML Basics video tutorials I was inspired to create flash bookshelf widget (right sidebar at the bottom). This particular widget, however, does not include loading and parsing xml file and external images. This one is one time swf file (29 kb) with embed images and arrays.

Example which includes parsing xml and loading external images and links will be ready soon along with tutorial on how to use it.

p.s. Am I the only one who is not thrilled with new AIR logo? I really don't like it, rocket was much better. But that's just my opinion.


Derek Anderson said...

will you be allowing the inclusion of Amazon affiliate accounts in the book shelf widget?

flanture said...

Hello Derek,

I will publish XML version of bookshelf widget, which means that you can enter whatever link you want, including Amazon affiliate links or anything else. All you need to do is edit xml file.


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