12 November 2007

Flash on Blogger ... again

Earlier I wrote about how to put flash content on Blogger blog. My suggestion about where you should host your swf file was on PhotoBucket and that worked just fine until now.

Reason is because PhotoBucket is not hosting swf files any more. To be honest, actually they do, but if you have PRO account. If you try to upload swf file you will get: "Upload Error - SWF file uploading is no longer available on free accounts. SWF files can be uploaded to PRO accounts only". WTF! $25/year or 3$/month. I wonder who is that clever guy out there who actually said: "Hey! Let's cut only swf files and make them pay for it!".

So, much better alternative is googlepages. Everyone who have google acount also is a proud owner of googlepages storage place of 100 Mb. Go to pages, login with your google acount user name and password. Site manager page appears and on right side you have "uploaded stuff" box where you can upload your swf. Right click on file and choose "copy link location" or similar.
Everything else about how to include that link on your Blogger blog I have posted here. Ask me for help if you need it. Enjoy.


Ruslan said...

Hello! My name is Rus and I do need a help, Imust be a complete Dummie. My question is How to put my own swf file into a SIDEBAR from blogger. Pls see my page www.furyhorse.blogspot.com above "About me" section, there's a place where real swf shall appear but it is not there. Real address for my swf is: http://rustrying.angelfire.com/swf4blogger/almaty001.swf
Gracias in advance

flanture said...

Hello Rus,

I always encourage people to ask if they have question, that's the fastest way of learning.

Here is code you have to put on your blog: download
I'm not sure what size is your swf, 240x100 maybe? If it is not, correct code.txt, copy/paste in your blog and enjoy!

Flanture - flash adventure

Ruslan said...

Thank you so much Man and sorry for disturbing you again. It didn't work. I can "adjust" my swf size - is not a problem. Problem was that ZIP you sent me was a simple html page. My Question is -could you please send me just a code which I can insert in HTML/JavaScript element for my sidebar to following emails: roninxp*mail.ru ruslan2030*gmail.kmm (*, kmm anti-spam). Thanks again.
P.S. I even analyze code which other sites provide - for instance http://www.flashmysite.com/

Flanture said...

Ruslan, code in zip is not html page, it doesn't have html tags at all it is just .embed. tag you need to insert in your blog. I guess it is something else you are doing wrong.

If you desperately need this, I can guide you live via GTalk how to insert code.

David said...


First, thanks much for your help in educating people about flash and blogger.

I run Strobist.blogspot.com, a pretty highly trafficked blog off of blogger, and I have a problem that is making me pull out my hair.

I have two advertisers who use off-site hosted swf files (on the site, they are PhotoShelter and LumiQuest) and as people are upgrading to Flash 9, the swfs do not seem to be "clickable" to send people to their respective URLs. From what I understand, new security patches on Flash 9 are preventing offsite swfs from being able to direct people to new sites.

Is there any kind of a workaround? Would hosting the swfs on Google Pages do the trick?

Help, help, help!

Thanks so much for your help,
Desperate in Columbia, MD

David said...


I found the problem, and I think this may be of big help to some of your blogger/flash readers. Flash 9 does indeed stop offsite-hosted linking swfs. But if you include this:

param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"

(Tag needs to be opend and closed, comments won't let me do it.)

You give your swf permission for the workaround.

One of my readers saved me.

Thanks much,
David H

Flanture said...

Informations from the source about Flash 9 security update.

maddy said...

where exactly would you post [ param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" ] in the html format flanture posted for us to use.

i've been trying to set up a flash project a friend had done in a course, and i've uploaded it to my google pages and such.. .it shows up as a white square on the side module. and it's only html in a post.

frustrating to say the least.. .

soman said...


I have a Q. I have a web site and in this i have flash player. Can you tell me hw can i decrease my flash player right click options.


BunnyKissd said...

Tried this today, and it didn't work. Google Pages is no longer accepting new sign ups, as they are switching over to Google Sites, which uses Picasa, which doesn't support .swf files.

Any other ideas? I just want to put a silly clock on my page. It was hosted at Photobucket, but has vanished in the past few weeks... :\

Website Templates said...

Anything to make a quick buck I guess, It's cheaper just to buy a low hosting plan and host your swf yourself.

I don't get the non support of swf, but I guess in the end it's a security issue.

Zhen Yi said...

hi, i am zhenyi here. i have a problem on this: I have did a swf with few navigations inside which are link to few URLs. But after i uploaded using www.fileden.com and put into my blog. The navigations doesn't works anymore. But if i log on the URL of the swf directly in IE it works! I just wonder why..any idea to solve this? Thanks a lot! =D


nice tips

Ally said...

I upload my flash at http://la.gg/

You can upload your file publicly, too!

Try it out before making a account (IF you want to)!

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Just saw your detailed tutorials for Flash related problems. I appreciate your approach first then I would like to ask that what is procedure to upload a flash theme, downloaded from some free themes providers. Actually, they have given me a zip folder, which is working quite fine offline i.e opening from my hardisk but I need to put it on my blogger account. Any idea about it? Thanks in advance

flanture said...

@anonymous you can't upload entire Flash template to Blogger, you need hosting (not aware if some hack exists)

@ally thanks great link!

(26/11/1926 - 21/01/2010) said...

Hi, I also migrated a custom blogsite across to google this afternoon - everything works fine, EXCEPT links in the FLASH header don't work.

I since found out a Macromedia Flash movie playing in a web browser is not allowed to access data that resides outside the exact web domain (mandmmaintenance.co.uk) from which the SWF originated for security reasons. According to their cross-domain policy file (http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14213.html) I need to upload and XML file to the root directory for sites

But the subdomain isn't on my server it's at ghs.google.com so is anyone aware of a workaround as this affects anyone with an SWF navigation?

iliadaryaie said...

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