08 November 2007

Dust and fog above blogosphere

Many bloggers have reported recently page rank drop with new update. There was a lot of discussion about it everywhere, but as dust and fog falls down some interesting facts appear on the scene.

Big losers here are big bloggers. Those who sell links on their blogs reported page rank drop by one or even two points. But in general, many bloggers gain with this update a lot. Because money making blogs have huge traffic they are often those who decide most of, let's say, mainstream opinion about subject, in this case PR update, so blogosphere reacted on this update in negative way because of them.

This Flanture blog is new, so this update is first one it encountered. Result is not bad, from PR0 to PR7! That's right, I have page rank 7 now. Not bad at all. Will this change something? No, I will still write about my one true interest, my flash adventure.



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