26 November 2007

search array actionscript functions

Few months ago I wrote some search array functions. Since than I found them very useful, so I decided to publish them here. I have added one more function shuffle, which gives new array from given one but with randomly located elements.

here is short description of functions:

function search finds element in array and displays result
function searchB finds element in array and returns Boolean value
function searchCount returns number of apperances of element in array
function union returns union array of two arrays
function shuffle simply shuffles elements of given array and returns new array

will continue to add more.


22 November 2007

Rate my widget

I don't have exact number how many people have downloaded flash bookshelf widget, because Box doesn't have statistics (or I don't know about it), but from direct link there was about 20 downloads. I didn't receive any feedback and I would like to here your opinion (good or bad). Also feel free to rate my bookshelf widget, give vote on right sidebar at the bottom. Thanks!

21 November 2007

Free Flash Bookshelf Widget

As I promised, here is XML based completely free flash bookshelf widget which you can use in any way you wish on your website, blog or whatever.

Download files from the Box or here.

How to use widget

Set your books/products images to 91x110 pixels. They are placed inside “imgs” folder. Change preferences in shelf.xml file.

url parameter – location and name of image files
caption parameter – text displayed below image
link parameter – this link opens in new window when “more info…” is clicked

You can have as many books / products as you like. Information is loaded dynamically from shelf.xml file. Instead regular links, you can have affiliate links included or links to zip files for direct download. Use your imagination.

Widget customization

Blogger version of widget (example of which you can see on my right sidebar) is also available on demand. Colors, sizes and more options are some of the details I’m ready to implement for specific needs, again on demand. Email me for further agreement.

Enjoy! (and please share)

19 November 2007

Simple Flash bookshelf widget

After yesterday's discovery of Lee Brimelow website and after watching Flash XML Basics video tutorials I was inspired to create flash bookshelf widget (right sidebar at the bottom). This particular widget, however, does not include loading and parsing xml file and external images. This one is one time swf file (29 kb) with embed images and arrays.

Example which includes parsing xml and loading external images and links will be ready soon along with tutorial on how to use it.

p.s. Am I the only one who is not thrilled with new AIR logo? I really don't like it, rocket was much better. But that's just my opinion.

Flash and AIR video tutorials

Some of the good Video Tutorials by Lee Brimelow you can find on http://www.gotoandlearn.com/ are titled:

- Webcams, PNG's and AIR
- Drag and Drop in AIR
- Flash MP3 Player (parts 1 - 3)
- Creating 3D Carouseles (parts 1 - 3)
- Sound-Driven Animation
- Flash 8 Filter Animation
- Flash XML Basics
- PHP, MySQL and Flash
- Flash Math
- Video Basics (parts 1 - 8)
- Basic Flash Preloader

and many more...

15 November 2007

Project reactivated : Flash Comics Album

Comic's Album project has been reactivated after few months when v1.0 was released. Next release will include complete Tutorial on how to use Album on your blog / website. In the meantime, check out version 1.0 which you can download from the Box or here.

12 November 2007

Flash on Blogger ... again

Earlier I wrote about how to put flash content on Blogger blog. My suggestion about where you should host your swf file was on PhotoBucket and that worked just fine until now.

Reason is because PhotoBucket is not hosting swf files any more. To be honest, actually they do, but if you have PRO account. If you try to upload swf file you will get: "Upload Error - SWF file uploading is no longer available on free accounts. SWF files can be uploaded to PRO accounts only". WTF! $25/year or 3$/month. I wonder who is that clever guy out there who actually said: "Hey! Let's cut only swf files and make them pay for it!".

So, much better alternative is googlepages. Everyone who have google acount also is a proud owner of googlepages storage place of 100 Mb. Go to pages, login with your google acount user name and password. Site manager page appears and on right side you have "uploaded stuff" box where you can upload your swf. Right click on file and choose "copy link location" or similar.
Everything else about how to include that link on your Blogger blog I have posted here. Ask me for help if you need it. Enjoy.

11 November 2007

Bad predictions

Every now and then adding new flash menus to "flash menus" folder on my workspace is pleasure to do. Sometimes more, sometimes less. However I tend to fail to predict what version of menu will client choose. This choise is usually tween 3 or 4 working versions, and my favorite is choosen in less than 50%. This one was also a reject.

And I was 95% sure it is THE one. I must stop making predictions.

p.s. wow! Just realized that PhotoBucket stopped hosting swf files for basic and allows it only for pro accounts! Something that was free, it's no longer free? I think they are moving in wrong direction. However, I will have to rewrite my "Flash on Blogger" post.

08 November 2007

Dust and fog above blogosphere

Many bloggers have reported recently page rank drop with new update. There was a lot of discussion about it everywhere, but as dust and fog falls down some interesting facts appear on the scene.

Big losers here are big bloggers. Those who sell links on their blogs reported page rank drop by one or even two points. But in general, many bloggers gain with this update a lot. Because money making blogs have huge traffic they are often those who decide most of, let's say, mainstream opinion about subject, in this case PR update, so blogosphere reacted on this update in negative way because of them.

This Flanture blog is new, so this update is first one it encountered. Result is not bad, from PR0 to PR7! That's right, I have page rank 7 now. Not bad at all. Will this change something? No, I will still write about my one true interest, my flash adventure.

04 November 2007

AIR beta 2, SQL and getting rich programming

Just wanted to point to some interesting articles I read recently. First one is AIR embedded SQL database: What's new in beta 2 written by Paul Robertson and another one is How to Get Rich Programming written by Jeff Atwood at coding horror.

I have no clue why Desktop Tower Defense flash game is so popular. Yes, it is addictive, but there are many, many other surely better and more addictive flash games out there which are not so popular. And how important is self-marketing at social bookmark sites? Is it the key for this kind of success?


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