12 October 2007

Flash-based widgets taking over?

Reports say that in first week WidgetBucks registered over 5.000 bloggers and affiliates which becomes maybe the fastest growing ad network of shopping widgets. Over 25 million impressions are reported. One of the factors for this amazing result is free $25 bonus just for signing up (see graphic).

WidgetBucks Total Users

On this blog sidebar there is example of 160x600 skyscraper widget, done in Flash and working perfectly. For now, widget design is limited on choosing size and color. However, WidgetBucks has announced on their blog new widget designs very soon. This will be interesting to see. I wonder if they will allow custom user made flash widgets?

edit: WOW! I can't believe what happened! I just posted above and widget shows 'data temporarily unavailable'. Checked other blogs, same thing. Widgetbucks.com is down!!! I hope this is just due to some upgrade.


Team WidgetBucks said...

Hi Flanture,
Thanks for your post on WidgetBucks. I noticed you mentioned we appeared to be down, however as your site shows, all things are working. Earlier this evening we pushed up some new features and functionality (My Bucks page) and you may have caught it at that second. For updates see our blog at http://widgetbucks.blogspot.com
Thanks, Dean Jutilla, WidgetBucks

Team WidgetBucks said...

Hi Flanture, I sent a comment earlier but also have this new information to share: We have checked our systems that monitor from 20 different geographic locations across the U.S. (TX, CA, NY, Chicago, Atlanta and more) all show 100% up-time. I'll check back on this thread for any other issues. - Dean Jutilla, WidgetBucks/Mpire.com blog: http://widgetbucks.blogspot.com


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