28 October 2007

Crowded RIA ecosystem

It seems that it has become very crowded in RIA ecosystem. After Adobe AIR, Microsoft Silverlight and Sun JavaFX (more...), now there is one more tehnology out there from Mozilla called Prizm.

It seems that this ecosystem becomes to small for all this new stuff and some discussions have appeared between Mike Chambers and LabRats about what Adobe AIR is and what it's not. This is strange to me because I think both technologies are enough open so they can only be complementary nothing else. I'm sure this is just a misunderstanding, nothing else. And what about Tamarin?


barry.b said...


compared to how many server-side languages there are that can connect to databases and push out HTML, perhaps not.

what's needed tho, is a handfull of clear winners. I can't see the point of there being a quillion RIA platforms - that's only going to fragment the market and put the stakeholders off.

everyone's got their "best-ever" mousetrap

Anonymous said...

Thought I'd post my comment here since the comment list on mozilla labs is so huge :)

I generally think all this is a good thing, after all the web browser is after all just that - a 'browser'. A means to persuse information until you find what you're after. Its still got its place, but the blurring the edges between the web and the desktop is not before time in my opinion. Its about time we realise that the browser doesnt define the web, its the people who use it that do!

crikey, I think I need to set my own blog up :)

Rob McKeown said...

I haven't looked into JavaFX at all but from what I understand it isn't really a competitor to AIR, maybe to Flex. The same is true of Silverlight. It is a competitor of Flash Player. Prism sounds like the only one that is really competing directly with AIR.

That probably is not entirely a bad thing since the existence of choices ultimately is to the benefit of the consumer (developer in this case). Also, the fact that other organizations are jumping on the combination of desktop and web bandwagon really validates the need for it. I think the RIA space will ultimately be huge and there is room for more than one occupant.


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