23 October 2007

AIRifier yourself

We are just starting to see how web desktop relationship will evolve and one interesting experiment is AIRifier which allows you to turn any web application into desktop application that works 100% like it was started inside your browser. Watch this video for instructions.

Also, some interesting reads about WidgetSummit you can read here. Finally, Andre is wondering Can Flash and AIR make the browser and OS irrelevant?. Enjoy!


toys said...

Wow, I wonder why this thing hasn't received more coverage than it should! Just the lack of comments here means that people aren't really waking up to the unique and excellent advantages that this thing can bring. I really think that AIR is going to change the way things are going to work with the software industry really, really soon. It's like a giant just waiting to wake up...

flanture said...

Hi toys :)
thanks for comment.

AIR does have quite good coverage around the web and luck of comments here is just my blog's fault :)

I agree about giant.



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